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Some Common Questions

  • I tried taking a shower and there wasn't any hot water. What do I do?

    Check to see if your pilot light is lit/on. After taking off the cover plate, try and see if the pilot light is still lit by looking inside the burner. A lot of heaters today will have a closed combustion chamber that only provides a very small window to look through, so, you might have to get in a funky position in order to find the pilot light.

  • While using hot water- the temperature seems to fluctuate. What is wrong?

    This can be a common problem especially with older units. What's happening is; the dip tube on the cold side intake is deteriorating, which is causing the cold water to be mixed with the hot water serving your home.

  • After I take a shower or do laundry- the T&P overflow pipe starts leaking. Whats going on?

    Most likely thermal expansion. As water is being heated, the water will expand and to prevent your water heater from completely bursting; the T&P overflow will release water to relieve the unit from all the pressure it built up. Typical fixes will be, either a pressure reducer valve (at the main) and/or installing a thermal expansion tank to act as a back up.